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The machine is able to install up to 8” diameter drainage tile, up to 5 ½ feet deep.  If conditions require, there is an extra hitch point on the main frame of the tile plow to hook a second tractor to, which would eliminate any undue stress on the main tractor.  The OFDP-55HD comes standard with a tile installation depth gauge so you know at a glance how deep you are installing your tile.  

This model is field ready with both a 6” and 8” front wear plate that attaches to the shoe, which opens the trench.  The wear plate is easily changed by removing 6 bolts.  Also included is a 4” and 6” tag along tile installation boot to install 3 to 6” tile.  An optional 8” trailing boot, with 10” wear plate, for installing 8” drainage tile is available.  The trailing boots can be easily interchanged by removing a safety pin, lifting the boot off the machine and setting the replacement boot in its place.

There are 2 heavy duty pull arms on the machine, the lower arm pulls the shoe/shank assembly through the soil and the top arm is used to control the reverse pressure coming from the shoe/shank assembly.  This will keep the pitch of the shoe/shank at a zero pitch, the optimal pitch.  The reverse pressure on the top arm creates downward pressure on the tongue of the plow, which transfers to the drawbar of the tractor and increases traction.  The tongue on the walking beam trailer is heavier and stronger than the standard trailer also.

Adjustment for the plow pitch setup is quick and easy with the adjustment link on the main frame of the machine.  This link controls the pitch setting.  Lengthening or shortening this link adjusts the pitch of the shoe and shank leaving it parallel with the ground while the machine is under pull.  This creates the zero pitch on the shoe/shank assembly.  

There is a 26 degree front angle on the shoe to allow it to pull easier through the soil.  The bottom of the shoe is formed in a “V” to allow the tile to form to the ground for more accurate placement of tile insuring water will drain with the tile.

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