Runge Equipment Inc.

Hygrade Grader Blades

HyGrade Graders are a quick and economical way to clean and maintain waterways, rebuild ponds, build roads, dig irrigation ditches, fill in washouts, level building sites, clean feedlots, grade roads, remove snow, level field edges, build and maintain terraces and many other jobs with your farm tractor.The HyGrade design with the farmer in mind.

Models 1200, 1200RS, 1400, 1400RS, 1600, 1600RS

  • All hydraulic cylinders, hoses and tips are included. 
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders for blade angle are standard on each model.  
  • All hydraulic cylinders have nitro steel shafts.    
  • Blade angle hydraulic relief valve standard on each model.   
  • Available in 12’, 14’, and 16' blade lengths.    
  • Blade angles 45 degrees left and right.  
  • Blade tilts 15 degrees left and right for slope cuts.   
  • Cement weight, weight box and box scraper ends are standard with each model.    
  • Replaceable high carbon steel cutting edge.    
  • High moldboards allow for maximum dirt transfer.    
  • Excellent blade to ground clearance.    
  • Storable hitch jack.   
  •  Safety chain is included.

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