Runge Equipment Inc.

13 yard Ejection Scraper -
The I-130XL2 is a very popular machine in the agricultural market, because of its durability and versatility. This machine comes standard with 21.5 x 16.1 front and 18.4 x 26 non-skid rear tires to provide excellent holding power on slopes such as waterways, roads, ditches, or terraces. These tires can also be upgraded for even rougher terrain.

The I-130XL2 is built rigid and tough, allowing you to work in the toughest conditions with confidence. This model and its sibling the I-110XL2 can be equipped with a serrated blade to bite into hard ground, and the 3 circuit hydraulic hose option allows independent control of the ejection sequence. Combined with Ashland's front-loading design, the I-130XL2 is one quick machine.

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