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The Standard Large OFDP-55 is a combination plow. It can be used as a 3-Point Hitch or Walking-Tandem pull type plow. The OFDP-55 is capable of installing up to 6” diameter drainage tile with a maximum tiling depth of 65 inches.  

The OFDP-55 can be pulled by a large Front-Wheel Assist or Articulate 4-Wheel Drive tractor. If soil conditions require, a second tractor can be attached using the second hitch point at the base of the mainframe, avoiding undue stress on the main pulling tractor.

The OFDP-55 is available with 4” and 6” quick attach trailing boots. The quick attach trailing boots are designed to be changed out in minutes by removing a safety pin and lifting the boot off the machine, setting the other boot in its place and replacing the safety pin. The 4” quick attach trailing boot is designed to accurately install 3” or 4” diameter tile. The 6” quick attach trailing boot is designed to accurately install 5” or 6” diameter tile. Also available, 7” and 9” front wear plates which can be changed by removing 6 bolts.  

There are parallel pull arms on the OFDP-55 model. The lower arm pulls the shoe/shank assembly through the soil. The upper arm controls the reverse pressure of the shoe/shank assembly. This keeps the shoe/shank at zero pitch. When using the Walking-Tandem, the reverse pressure on the upper arm transfers down pressure from the tongue of the plow to the drawbar of the tractor.

With the 26 degree front angle on the shoe, the machine lifts and shatters the soil to allow the machine to glide through the soil with less resistance. The v-bottom on the base of the shoe/shank assembly allows the soil to form to the tile, greatly reducing the risk for crushed tile.

The OFDP-55 operates with a zero pitch on the shoe/shank assembly. Zero pitch allows for the most accurate tile placement in the industry. With zero pitch, the tile is discharged at the same depth as the tip of the shoe, so the tile is discharged at the depth grade control indicates.

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