Customer service is something we take great pride in. Going above and beyond is what we do; if you give us a call, you'll discover that with Jason's expertise in the field and unmatched customer service, we'll locate the exact part you need to fit your machine. For all the brands we carry, we provide OEM parts. We ship anywhere within the USA. Parts are typically sent out the following business day. Call us today at (618) 322-5628.

Shipping and Delivery

One question we always get is do you ship equipment. YES! Shipping and Delivery is always and option. We have several brokers we work with to get the best and most reliable shipping rates.

Don't let the logistics of getting the equipment from our location to yours deter you from making a purchase. Allow us to assist you in locating the most affordable shipping.

If you want to come visit us, we’d love that too, customer pickup is always welcome.