Rent Our Equipment for Your Earthmoving Needs

Runge Equipment offers a variety of equipment for your rental needs to qualified customers

ktec 1228

K-Tec 1228

The K-Tec 1228 direct mount scraper is a fast-loading, lightweight earthmover, making it one of K-Tec’s most popular models. It comes standard with a suspension ride system for the fastest cycle times. The solid-welded, rigid-frame 1228 scraper has a heaped capacity of 28 cubic yards. The 1228s have proven results in all conditions, including proficiency in low ground pressure or sandy soil.

KTec 1233

K-Tec 1233

This strong, multi-purpose machine, carrying a heaped capacity of 33 cubic yards is a powerful worker in any soil condition or job site application.

Ktec 1236

K-Tec 1236

The K-Tec 1236 direct mount scraper is the owner-operator’s dream machine. Its welded frame and classic design have the best load-to-weight ratio and the lowest cost per yard of any K-Tec model available. The deep bowl of the 1236 contains a heaped capacity of up to 36 cubic yards of stackable materials, such as clay. The cost-effective 1236s are thoughtfully designed for light construction and agricultural applications.

Hero Tractor

Fendt Tractor/K-Tec scraper package

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